All Breed Mutt Rescue

Our Policies and Who We Are


The mission of GMS All Breed Mutt Rescue is to save dogs of all breeds, all sizes, all ages, that are destined for a death sentence in shelters or otherwise; offering these dogs for adoption, fully vetted, with a lifetime follow up and return policy; promoting education and compassion to prevent the vicious cycle of unwanted animals.  To help ensure the continued welfare of all dogs by rehabilitating and placing mutts and purebreds from shelters and similar situations, assisting breeders and owners in finding new homes for their dogs, and providing assistance to dog owners in finding temporary foster care for dogs to be placed through rescue.  Until there are none, rescue just one!

Rescue Dogs
Dogs requiring rescue from shelters or from similar, potentially life-threatening situations, including stray dogs, dogs abandoned at a vet or boarding kennel, dogs whose owner has died, or any dog that is in imminent danger of losing its life. ABMR Rescue Funds cover all expenses involved in rescuing these dogs.

Individual Rescue Dogs
Dogs recovered by individuals, normally by ABMR club members, who wish to foster the dogs and place them on their own. ABMR Rescue Funds may be used to reimburse individual rescuers for some or all of the expenses involved in the rescue, provided that the individuals follow all ABMR procedures for placing these dogs.

This refers to the placement of a dog in need of a new home, who currently resides with its owner, or to a dog that was returned to their breeder. These dogs should not be referred to as "rescue dogs," since they do not require "rescue". The use of this term in these cases lessens its impact and is an insult to whoever is placing the dog. The owner or breeder assumes the responsibility of caring for and placing the dog. While the ABMR may offer assistance in finding homes, there are no Rescue Funds designated for these dogs under normal circumstances. However, in cases where the owner or breeder either has to or threatens to get rid of the dog immediately, a Rescue Committee member will obtain the dog, and the dog will then be treated as a rescue dog.

Rescue Committee
The committee consists of ABMR members who have volunteered or who are asked to assist with any aspect of rescue. Efforts are coordinated and controlled by the Rescue Coordinator appointed by the officers and directors of the ABMR.

Rescue Dogs
Shelter Dogs
Because the ABMR has no claim to these dogs prior to their release, absolutely no mention of the location or existence of one is to be made to anyone not directly involved in the rescue, particularly to someone inquiring about obtaining a rescue dog, until the dog has left the shelter. A Rescue Coordinator may direct breeders to make discreet inquiries to past puppy buyers concerning the current status of their dogs if they believe they can locate the dog's owner.

As soon as a Rescue Coordinator is notified, arrangements will be made for a Rescue Committee member or other knowledgeable person to visit the shelter and confirm whether or not the dog is actually a dog. If the dog is a purebred, an information packet (see attached) will be left with shelter personnel in the event that the dog is claimed by its owner or adopted by another party. A Rescue Coordinator will obtain all the information necessary to claim the dog, including when it will be available for adoption and what the shelter's policy is in the event that more than one party wishes to adopt the dog. Provisions are then made for grooming, veterinary care (including spaying or neutering, if needed), and foster care.

If its owner has not claimed the dog, if possible, at least two Rescue Committee members will be at the shelter as soon as it opens on the first day the dog is made available for adoption. (Two members can provide moral support and help handle a difficult dog.) If another party is there for the dog, a Rescue Committee member will talk to the party about their interest in the dog, offer the ABMR 's assistance (including an offer to let the party adopt the dog through ABMR Rescue, at a tremendous savings to them) and try to obtain their name and address. Every effort will be made to keep it friendly and non-confrontational for the sake of the dog's best interests. Unless a Rescue Committee member has a very good reason to suspect that the party is not they’re for legitimate reasons (such as a dog collector, backyard breeder, or broker), the party will be permitted to adopt the dog with our blessings. Regardless of whether ABMR Rescue claims the dog or not, a thank-you note will be sent to the shelter staff member who contacted ABMR Rescue about the animal.

If ABMR Rescue adopts the dog, the dog will be taken to a veterinarian right away. The dog's general health and age will be assessed, and the dog will receive all required worming, a heartworm test, and any necessary treatment and medications. The dog will be bathed, dipped, and groomed as soon as possible. Tattooing or micro chipping the dog for permanent identification purposes will be done prior to placement. The dog will be assessed for both conformation (to help identify the breeder or owner) and temperament before being placed. Every effort will be made to identify and locate the breeder and/or owner. If the breeder or owner can be positively identified, he/she will be asked to pay for the cost of the rescue. If the breeder is a member of the ABMR, it is assumed that he/she will accept possession of the dog until a suitable home can be found. If the breeder of the dog can be identified, the dog will not be released for adoption until the breeder has signed the necessary form to release the dog to rescue. If the breeder cannot be identified after a period of seven days, the dog will be assumed to be bred by someone who is not a club member, so will be spayed or neutered prior to placement through rescue.

Disabled or Deceased Owners
A Rescue Coordinator will obtain registration papers and health records, if available, from the owner or next of kin and contact the breeder. All other procedures are similar to those for shelter Dogs.

Individual Rescue Dogs
The ABMR Rescue will offer assistance to the rescuer in the form of (1) financial reimbursement for the rescue if all ABMR rescue procedures concerning screening and placement are followed, (2) a list of prospective homes, both screened and unscreened, (with the understanding that the person placing the dog will do the screening), (3) a placement questionnaire for screening, and (4) an adoption contract. ABMR Rescue will ask the rescuer to fill out a rescue report form. Basically, if the rescuer is cooperative, he/she acts as a member of the ABMR Rescue Committee, but wishes to retain some control over the dog's fate by doing the fostering and making the ultimate placement decision. Correct procedure depends on the circumstances of rescue.

Owner Dogs
If an owner contacts ABMR Rescue for assistance in placing a dog, a Rescue Coordinator will find out the name of the dog's breeder and make sure the breeder is aware of the situation. ABMR Rescue will also provide the owner with a list of prospective unscreened homes. It is the owner's responsibility to care for the dog, screen the homes, and place the dog.

If an owner contacts ABMR Rescue and wants to get rid of the dog right away, every effort will be made to talk to the owner and find out exactly what the problem is. Reasonable assistance will be offered to solve problems with training or grooming. If the owner insists that he/she is unable to keep the dog even long enough to locate a new home, or threatens to leave the dog at a shelter or have it destroyed, arrangements will be made to obtain the dog immediately, along with its registration papers and health records. The breeder will be notified as soon as possible and the dog will be treated as a rescue dog.

Breeder Dogs
If a breeder contacts ABMR Rescue for assistance in placing a dog that has been returned by the owner, a Rescue Coordinator will provide the breeder with a list of prospective homes-both screened and unscreened. It is the breeder's responsibility to care for and place the dog.

Pet Store Puppies
Under no circumstances will ABMR Rescue "rescue" puppies from a pet store by immediately purchasing them! (Although this sounds cold-hearted, buying the puppies would only motivate the store to try to obtain more). A Rescue Committee member will leave information packets at the pet store, one for each puppy, which include phone numbers of people who can assist, to be given to people who buy the puppies. The Rescue Committee member will try to see the puppies' registration papers, and note the name of the breeder. The breeder will be contacted immediately. Periodic calls or visits to the pet store will be made to check on the puppies' status. All contacts with the store will be friendly, polite, and non-confrontational. However, no offer or agreement will be made to groom, trim, set ears, or do anything else that would make the puppies more appealing and therefore easier to sell. If the puppy or puppies remain unsold after several weeks and are marked down, a Rescue Coordinator may consider purchasing them with Rescue Funds once it is fairly clear that the pet store is selling them at a loss just to get rid of them.

Advertised Dogs
ABMR Rescue will scan ads in area newspapers, community bulletin boards, and other public places, as well as ads appearing in magazines such as Dog World, when possible, to determine if the advertiser of a dog is a ABMR member. Although many responsible breeders advertise litters, it's the backyard breeders we are trying to target. If the person is not known to be a Club member or responsible breeder, an ABMR Rescue Committee member will make a friendly call to the number in the advertisement and identify himself/herself as a member of the GMS All Breed Mutt Rescue, and offer the breeder free information packets for each puppy when they go to their new home. ABMR Rescue will find out as much as possible about the litter, including the date of birth, the number in litter, and the names of the parents and whether they have been shown-all in a friendly and non-accusing manner. If the same breeder advertises again, another ABMR Rescue Committee member will make a new, independent call. The breeder's name and phone number will be kept on file and the breeders of the litter's sire and dam, and the owner of the sire (if different from the breeder) will be notified.