All Breed Mutt Rescue

Our Adoption Process

It's really quite simple.  We have a varying number of dogs at different times. You can either fill out an application, just because you are looking, or fill one out for a specific dog.  Either way the forms on Adoption Application Page 1 and 2 need to be filled out and submitted.  Both must have your contact information, or we will only get a half of an application, and it will be discarded.  Applications submitted for specific dogs are taken, and we then decide who we think that dog would be best suited with.  We love our dogs, and want to make sure they are loved for the rest of their lives, so we take a lot of care in selecting adoptive homes for our dogs.

APPROVED!!!  Ok, so you have been approved.  You then need to have all the paper work ready when you come to pick up your new family member.  We will need to see proof that you own your house, or a letter from the landlord, with their contact information on it.  We also will need the name and phone number of the vet you will be using for the dog you are adopting.  You will then have to sign the adoption agreement, of which you will get a photo copy to put in your new dog's file.  This agreement is binding and legal, please follow it to the letter.

There is also an adoption fee that is required.  This fee can be paid in cash, money order, or credit cards through (completely safe and secure, and 100% buyer protected).  Sorry, we no longer accept checks due to some unscrupulous people.  This fee covers not only the care your new family member recieved, but can also help defer costs for other dogs we rescue.  Rescuing dogs is not a cheap endevor, and sick dogs can cost thousands of dollars, though we will never charge more than $300 for an adoption fee, no matter how much they cost to take care of.  Fees are non-refundable, but if a dog does not work out with you, we will work with you to find the perfect dog for your home.  Just think about it, the fee you pay may not just help the dog you are adopting, but another dog too!

Your new dog/puppy will come with a starter kit.  Most of these kits contain about $50 worth of starter supplies, samples, a blanket or toy with a comforting scent on it, a day or two's supply of food, and a lot of information.  Some of these contain donated items or refurbished toys that were donated by a local community member wanting to make a difference.  If available, your new family member will come with a cd that has photos of him/her while she was with our rescue along with other documents that you can print and use at your convienence.  Each dog comes with all vet information available and all paperwork for everything needed. 

Every dog that comes through the rescue is given a name and a collar as soon as they get here.  We believe it is essential for their mental well being and their ability to feel like they belong.  You may, of course, change your new family member's name to one that better suits your family.  Please update us with that information as soon as you know it, so we can update their file.  Also, keep us informed, as it is required by your signed adoption contract, if you move or get a new number.  We need to know where the dog is for the rest of his/her life.

So you have adopted a new dog/puppy, and have taken him/her home.  You are having issues with something, and are at your wits end and dont know what else to do.  Please feel free to call us, we will try to help in every way possible, even if it includes helping you to find a dog behavioralist.  Most issues can be helped with over the phone, but we will always be there for you and your dog.

Microchipped!  We are implementing a new process for all dogs/puppies that come to our rescue.  As added protection against theft or loss, we are microchipping all dogs with Avid Friendchips.  These are a little electronic chip that is implanted between the dog's shoulder blade and stays there for the entire life of the animal.  Even though the dog may have a microchip, you must always keep a collar with tags on your dog.  The first person to find your dog, if they become lost, will not have a microchip scanner, but more than likely will have a phone.

If your dog was not microchipped, you are requested to have it done, and we must be included on at least a second contact of the registration form.  In the signed adoption application it requires if the dog is microchipped that the rescue remain the first contact.  We do this for our adopted pets saftey.  This is why it is always important to update your contact information with us, should it ever change.

Life Changes.  So you have had your dog for a while now and something drastic has happened to require you to give your dog up.  The dog MUST come back to us.  This is in the signed adoption agreement, which is legal and binding.  We take responsibility for our dogs for the rest of their life if they are unable to stay in their adopted homes.  We will foster them and find them a new home if you are unable to keep them, for ANY reason, no questions asked.